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Vigrx Plus Testimonials Male Enhancement Pills and Techniques:
What Actually Works?!?

There's a lots of information - and a lots of false information -- on the web these days about penis enhancement products.

With your a expansion of half-truths and completely scams, it's tough these days to understand what the real truth is when it comes to male enhancement.

Nicely, here's the plain real truth: You will discover very few penis enlargement techniques that ACTUALLY work.

Let's begin by looking VigRX Plus Testimonials and at the different techniques available to you...

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longer-lasting erection
male enhancement technique

Male Enhancement Technique #1: Extension Devices

Penis extension devices are easily available online. A few of them are pretty funny-looking. Some of them be very expensive.

However do they actually work?

Nicely, they can, really. If you are ready to put in the time, effort, and determination, using the appropriate device - and using it properly - you probably should start to see results within a few weeks.

You really need to make sure you are using a good device, such as the ProExtender and also you need to make sure you don't injure yourself. And you just need to be persistent - you won't see any change whatsoever until you use the device every day, or multiple times each day, for at least a few weeks.

Penile Enhancement Technique #2: Penile Enhancement Workouts

Workouts can definitely help to make your penis bigger - perhaps even a little much better than extender devices.

That is because you might have greater control and much more options when you are performing your exercises manually.

Repeatedly, in order that your male enhancement exercise program works - and to ensure that you don't injure yourself (OUCH!) - you really need to follow a well-respected, proven program. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ensure that your information is reliable and safe, and have good vigrx plus results.

However when again, they key to making the penis enlargement exercise program work is to keep at it.

It is important to start off slow, then build your way up to a program which has a real impact on your length and girth. It requires time, patience, and motivation. You'll desire to perform your exercise workouts at least once or twice a day for at least a few weeks.

The best successful penis enlargement exercise participants will keep at it for a lot of months to see impressive results.

Male Enhancement Technique #3: sexual enhancement pills

The greatest thing about penis enlargement pills is that you may get results fast. Its not necessary expensive, difficult equipment, and best of all, you don't need to invest countless hours of your precious time doing exercises for weeks on end.

...You simply need one little pill each day for real results, almost immediately!

Not surprisingly, there is a drawback to this method. The truth is, most male enhancement pills out there simply aren't effective. Several fly-by-night manufacturers have produced pills that will do literally absolutely nothing for the length or girth of your penis, or your sexual performance.

When you are searching for a penis enhancement pill that will give you the results you need, search for a pill that includes proven ingredients, and that is doctor-endorsed, with a strong refund policy (i.e., when it doesn't work, you can just return it!).

ginko biloba

That is how you'll know you're working with a reputable company and a legitimate product.

For instance, VigRX Testimonials is an extremely well-known name in this industry. Its magnificent list of proven medicinal ingredients is second-to-none, including the following powerful herbs:

  • Bioperine - clinically proven to increase herbal supplement ingestion rates
  • Puncture Vine - used in Europe for centuries as a method to treat sexual dysfunction while increasing libido
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract - known as "Horny Goat Weed"; has been used for centuries as a libido enhancement
  • Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba gives nutritional support for mental alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory overall health, and blood vessel health
  • Asian Red Ginseng - traditionally used to overcome general weakness and deliver extra energy, it also has aphrodisiacal powers
  • Saw Palmetto Berry - has a long-held a brand as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract - used to restore sexual virility and to increase sexual desire and potency in men
  • Catuaba Bark Extract - the favourite of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants
  • Hawthorn Berry - rich in bioflavoloids, which relax and dilate the arteries

Also includes powerful antioxidants that help increase the circulation of blood and oxygen to the heart and other areas of the body

For men who want bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections

This particular doctor-approved formula has a proven track record and a excellent refund policy: If you are not completely satisfied after trying VigRX Plus for 67 days, you don't pay a penny. Pretty good, huh?

A choice like VigRX Plus is an easy, very discreet way to achieve the male enhancement results you're searching for - without spending hours and hours doing exercises manually or with cumbersome equipment.

If you would like to find out more about VigRX Plus, check out: VigRXPlusDirect.com

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GenF20Plus It's a dietary supplement known as an "HGH Releaser" made from an original, technically developed combination of amino acids, vitamin supplements, and health proteins...

With GenF20 Plus, a series of potent herbals are combined to help trigger the natural release of HGH.

... All developed to enhance your pituitary gland into NATURALLY providing a lot more of your own Hgh growth hormone !

Overview of Semen Pills

The initial question that individuals frequently request once they first learn about semen improving pills is "what is could they be and just how will they work"? However, after people arrived at understand precisely how these penile enhancement items work and just what benefits they allegedly provide, the following questions is "well do these items really work"?

Presuming you're reading through this short article since you are searching to improve the level of your ejaculation, let us tackle question # 2 having a full overview of Volume Pills.Within the easiest of terms, Volume Pills should increase the quantity of semen that the physiques produce and enhance the quantity of ejaculation that the body pumps out throughout orgasm. And also the more semen that the penis pushes out, the greater pleasure that you simply finish up feeling and also the happier you'll be overall. To ensure that implies that Volume Is targeted at growing your general sexual satisfaction at providing you with the arrogance and skill to delight your lover too.

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A multitude of males around the globe have offered overview of Volume Pills and also the large most of individuals comments are incredibly positive. Some males have talked about how exactly much their ejaculation volume has elevated, others go wild about how exactly explosive their orgasms are, while some are merely happy because they've got more control and may keep going longer in mattress compared to what they ever accustomed to.

Volume Is medically-approved and most reliable if this involves enhancing the sex lives of ladies and males all over the world. Natural and potent elements behave as an intimate stimulant and may empower males to feel more sexual and start feeling confident in the truth that they could supply the pleasure their partners long for. As the primary focus with this penile enhancement pills method is to improve producing semen, many males which have examined Volume Pills stated a significant rise in overall size, quality, and amount of their hardons.

So essentially, these effective pills bring forward precisely what they promise in addition to a good deal more. Orgasms would be best referred to like a developed of intensity and also the large repay that you and your partner are waiting and wishing for. Volume Pills provide you with the capability to work at that pleasure filled payback and make sure that your sexual escapades are as intense and satisfying while you imagined of.

If you want the very best overview of Volume Pills that you could find, then try them on your own. Thinking about these natural pills don't have any unwanted effects and include a complete money-back guarantee, your debt it to yourself as well as your partner to try them and bring your pleasure to any or all new levels.

Be sure that you tell us how good Volume Pills labored for you personally, and be ready for because you just could be desirable to women than in the past.

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Semenax Volume Enhancer

Are these things just for males with fertility problems?

Volume attention things do facilitate males with fertility issues for instance low sperm cell fertility and occasional sperm cell motility. However, they likewise have edges for as regards to any guy WHO needs to enhance his quantity of ejaculate and intensity/energy/distance of orgasms.semen pills why bigger volume mean higher orgasms victimization volume pills

By growing the number of cum you've got created, your sexual organs contract more durable and a trifle longer of it slow resulting in orgasms that square measure longer and additional powerful than ever before. albeit the particular preparation you choose determines your precise results, we tend to advise Semenax™ as a result of the simplest valued product.

The different edges exist?

Additionally to elevated quantity of cum, elevated fertility, and conjointly the significantly additional powerful and far additional satisfying orgasms, you'll conjointly expect a general improvement in sexual well-being and performance, elevated shooting distance, and an increase in confidence and elevated sexual satisfaction and wish. several males who've used the Semenax™ create of volume attention report these edges additionally to more durable hardons with current use.

How's this all completely different from The blue pill?

Various ways: The blue pill does not address the extent of ejaculate The blue pill is absolutely a prescription, that carries by victimization it natural unwanted effects and risks, albeit several volume attention things square measure 100% natural, free from unwanted effects, and non-narcotic. The blue pill also can be quite expensive, moreover as a doctor's prescription. Natural volume boosters may be noninheritable simply and inexpensively -- Semen Pills™, for instance, may be a nice price, offered on the net, and it's quick and secure ordering/shipping.

What is incorporated within the volume attention product?

The pills contain all-natural flavoring components and proteins, developed supported every manufacturer's specifications. For a look at specific components in each product, trustworthy things have a list on-line.

How quickly can the things begin to work?

Some volume things want a extended current plan, whereas some work within some of days. With reference to the merchandise, you'll be able to begin realizing somewhat distinction inside a pair of days, and come through get the foremost once 2-3 many weeks. Again, this varies by product, therefore confirm to seem out round the specific product's web site.

Are volume attention things right for a man having a vasectomy?

Yes. the extent of ejaculate will increase and conjointly the orgasmic edges, therefore, goes to be bigger, too. Your fertility will not increase, clearly, but your energy to produce a much bigger load ought to increase.

How do i get these things and keep my privacy?

Ordering on the net may be a terrific thanks to discreetly get the merchandise you'd like. Browse the location rigorously to find the method the manufacturer ships once they do not already ship in plain packaging that doesn't reveal the contents, you would possibly have the flexibility to request the service.

What regarding associate assurance?

You have to be compelled to insist upon associate assurance, and confirm to check the tiny print. though all trustworthy corporations supply them, not each companies that raise them to square measure trustworthy... Take overtime to check the method the guarantee works, some things want a twelve months offer to become qualified for any refund, therefore look carefully! For people who have bother obtaining a product you trust by yourself, we tend to advise Semenax™, because it provides a simple guarantee that you simply may trust.

Exist other ways to boost my generative health?

Obviously, the best technique to enhance any aspect of your successfulness would be to eliminate improper habits like smoking and excessive overwhelming, have a far higher diet and exercise often. whereas you're that specialize in additional healthy living overall, adding men improvement supplement could take you to undoubtedly a far higher degree of performance and pleasure.

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ProSolution Plus Helps Males With Rapid Ejaculation

Sex problems like erection disorder are sufficient to produce any guy cringe. Yet while erection disorder can get many of the spotlight in health circles, there's another problem within the mattress room affecting around 30% of males anytime.

The outline states everything: rapid ejaculation might be the medical term for ejaculating right after transmission. You'll be able to define "soon afterInch as two minutes or less. Males without rapid ejaculation typically last around nine minutes before they release their load.

While males with erection disorder rejoiced in 1998 when researchers introduced the initial major prescription Erection dysfunction pill - and smarter males switched to natural boosters for libido right after that - there's little help for males fighting with rapid ejaculation. That changed in 2013 with ProSolution Plus - an all-natural enhancement supplement scientifically proven to enhance rapid ejaculation up to 64%.

About Premature Ejaculation

prosolution daily supplement

Rapid ejaculation is very common. Indeed, between 20% and 30% of males all over the world are stricken with this problem, striking virtually every guy eventually. Rapid ejaculation affects confidence, satisfaction in addition to quality of existence. In the 2005 study launched inside the Journal of Sexual Medicine, males with rapid ejaculation were more vulnerable to say they were seriously distressed.

You're going to get rapid ejaculation for a number of reasons, including hormone problems or problems with any medicines you're taking. Another cause - performance anxiety, sometimes triggered when you're having a completely new partner or possibly within an unfamilar sexual situation.

Rapid ejaculation can cope with itself. That is not always the problem though, and several males accept rapid ejaculation on / off for any very long time. They may hesitate to request help too, from embarrassment, making the problem worse.

ProSolution Plus and Rapid Ejaculation

ProSolutionPlus uses herbals from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine - it's a mixture of ancient understanding and modern understanding of methods diet assist the male anatomy and sexual function. The formula stays out among male organ enhancement supplements as it is one of the handful of natural products to help males with rapid ejaculation as well as the discomfort you can get.

A Couple month double-blind study demonstrates the success in the ProSolution Plus formula which is promise for fighting rapid ejaculation. The study composed of 148 males, between 21 and 60, all whom were in good shape aside from battling with mild to moderate erectile issues, rapid ejaculation and/or low libido.

Round the study's conclusion, the researchers noted the following statistics. Males while using ProSolution Plus formula stood a 67% improvement in erection issues, a 48% improvement in sexual function, a 78% improvement in sexual pleasure.

And lots of noteably, a 64% improvement at the begining of ejaculation.


Research continues into rapid ejaculation and the way to conquer this devastating problem. Sexual complications may have different causes, and so get a telephone to look at health insurance lifestyle as well as the role they play in performance inside the mattress room.

Still, it's a promising development. ProSolution Plus is probably the handful of - if perhaps a few of the - supplements for guys that could particularly reduce rapid ejaculation. The fact it's scientifically proven also adds to the appeal, because handful of producers will set the cash or time into testing an all-natural enhancement product. ProSolution did, which talks volumes.

Too, ProSolution Plus is discreet, offering males a means to address rapid ejaculation quietly, getting an all natural product which does not require a prescription.

Simply what does this imply? There's expect males with rapid ejaculation. Address the problem and existence can get better. And progressively, males do by utilizing ProSolution Plus.

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You may be a much better Lover Using Prosolution Pills!

Pleasuring ladies and working the right path to orgasm is among the best areas of existence. Regrettably you will find lots of concerns that coincide with each of individuals actions and lots of items to consider if this involves making the very best of your sex existence and also the possibilities you have. This really is the key reason why a lot of males be comforted and added peace of mind in the truth that they've bigger male organs, while males with more compact equipment often overcompensate for his or her people in many different ways.

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While lots of males and ladies state that size makes no difference, it really isn't the situation for a lot of reasons. The most crucial one because a larger penis offers much more confidence, so that as any women will explain more confidence equals more attraction far more better sex. When you are feeling insecure about how big the penis or wondering you skill to create sex more enjoyable for the lady, then know that you're not alone.

Fortunately, you will find ways that you could make sure that you not just expand the penis but additionally that you simply be a better lover overall. Penile enhancement items and penis pills like the popular Professional Solution Pill System permit you to expand your hardons and therefore improve yourself like a lover in lots of ways. The elevated size will immediately provide you with more confidence which could improve your capability to please and also the other together with your product does mean bigger, harder hardons which are more outfitted to deal with their daily chores.

A bigger erection enables you to get involved with new and enhanced positions which were never possible before, and provides you the opportunity to get much deeper than you together with your partner and experience sensations that you simply weren't aware of. As though which was insufficient, Prosolution Pills can also known to create males better enthusiasts since it provides them more capability to control their orgasms and delay the ultimate climax until everybody involved is prepared.

To put it simply, which means bigger, harder hardons that traverses you can imagine.

As complements all penile enhancement pills, results change from person to person if this involves Professional Solution, however the amount of satisfied clients and enthusiasts which have been produced puts ample proof within the pudding. Customers should anticipate seeing results within two to four days but ladies have been recognized to get in touch with and thank the designers of Professional Solution far before that timeline.

Regardless of whether you think you're already the very best lover on the planet or discover that you find it difficult to please your lover around you want you can, you may be a much better lover. More powerful, harder, and more durable hardons would be the single the easy way increase your desire and gratification in addition to make sure that women come moving back for additional.

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An Easy, Reliable Answer for Male Enhancement Needs

For those who have encounter this short article then you're certainly one of countless males which are searching to obtain rock solid hardons and discover the sexual joy they crave. If you would like harder hardons, better sex, more powerful orgasms, or simply crave the opportunity to provide your partner the pleasure they imagine, then you've certainly come right place.

The truth is you will find literally 1000's of penile enhancement items available on the market that make it extremely difficult to determine which suits your way of life as well as your needs. It may be embarrassing talking about men's reproductive health items and completely frustrating sampling individuals items.

male enhancment

That's why Prosolution Gel is proud to become referred to as easy and reliable solution for anybody that's considering male enhancement. Regardless of whether you find it difficult to get hardons because of age, stress, insufficient desire, or because of a couple of alcoholic drinks in some places, Prosolution Gel can instantly boost the bloodstream flow for your penis and provide you with the energy and drive you and your spouse crave.

There's you don't need to have a pill every single day, no painful or costly methods, and extremely pointless the reason why you shouldn’t give this effective gel full of natural elements a go. While pills and workout programs do be capable of work with time, they never provide the on-the-place and warmth from the moment support that many males, as well as their partners, need.

The important thing towards the effectiveness and ease of the male enhancement method is natural and potent elements the gel includes. All the ingredients inside the gel may be easily made available to your skin which provides you individuals instant results that can't be found through any other kind of penile enhancement items.

It really doesn't get any simpler than this. Rub on Prosolution Gel watching because the effects become instantly noticeable. Even better, get another person to rub the gel on for you personally and take all the exercise of male enhancement.

Consider it. Elevated size, more durable hardons, enhanced sexual interest, and much more satisfaction overall. It simply doesn’t have any much better than that.

Regardless of whether you believe that your lover craves more satisfaction, or else you want more satisfaction on your own, this really is one product that's certainly worth considering. The fact is that male enhancement doesn’t need to be embarrassing, difficult, incredibly costly, or frustrating. The best solutions ought to be economical, efficient, and straightforward, which is exactly what Prosolution Gel is about.

Actually, most of the satisfied clients by using this product love the truth that their wallet usually stays body fat despite buying an item to improve the girth and size their manhood. Couple by using the truth that this affordable penile enhancement product has a full money-back guarantee which truly turns into a no recourse means to fix your condition.

This means that you're able to cut back time searching for men enhancement product and much more amount of time in mattress taking pleasure in all the benefits it brings by using it.

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Convenient and Discreet, No requirement for Anybody to understand about your Secret to greater and Harder Hardons!

Sometimes solution isn't well worth the effort or even the anxiety. You will find too many occasions, that to be able to cope with one health condition, you finish up creating another. With this thought, many males opt from even coping with any sexual disorder for anxiety about creating a level bigger mess. Who would like to cope with endless doctor’s visits, take suspect pills, try strange gadgets, or risk unwanted effects? Without lots of time to even think about making love, let alone which makes it better, where are you able to use solve your sexual dysfunctions, although not add stress or worry for your already busy existence?

proenhance patch

Well individuals who've produced the ProEnhance patch should have read the mind when they were busy approaching with this particular amazing product. This transdermal patch may be the latest and finest in sexual enhancement items to hit the industry and you will be blown away whenever you determine what this little factor can perform for you personally.

This unique little patch is really convenient and discrete no one should know your little secret to sexual success. You just use the patch inside a discrete area in your arm or leg or back also it will get to work. You'll have the effects inside the first couple of days with no one would be the smarter. Most males continue utilizing it when they would like to feel more viral, convey more stamina, and elevated performance. Each patch will work for a minimum of 72 hrs, so place it on Friday evening and you're simply all set for the entire weekend!

And not simply will your lady will never need to discover, other people won’t either. Ordering online is usually the most inventive method of making certain privacy when buying any discrete product that you will don’t want anybody to understand about or see. The ProEnhance patch can come packed very discretely, so its not necessary to bother with anybody discovering that the performance isn’t as much as snuff.

However , within the grand plan of products, the most crucial element of using for example the ProEnhance patch isn't whether anybody, even your lady discovers, it's more that you'll have the effects as well as your confidence in mattress will significantly increase. So whether you utilize an area or perhaps a pill or exercise every single day, the most crucial factor is you seem like you are able to suit your lover which you're taking pleasure in your sex existence to the maximum.

Finding for example ProEnhance patch which works for you is usually the answer to an enhanced sex existence along with a more happy relationship. Which product makes that success simple and easy , convenient. So really, why don't you give mtss is a try? The product is fully guaranteed and thus there's no recourse of taking a loss or making your sex existence worse. So why wouldn't you order it today by the next weekend getaway, you’ll have your little secret in hands, along with a large penis to see your lady. Sounds too exciting to pass through up!

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Why you need to Desire to Fight Aging and switch Back the time

Aging beautifully is unquestionably something that's worth ambitious for. Celebs will always be fun to look at and it definitely is apparent individuals who fight aging naturally and individuals who succumb to numerous cosmetic surgery. However for individuals who have the ability to age beautifully, still searching fabulous despite a couple of facial lines in some places along with a couple of gray fur, is inspiring to determine. Some good reasons to fight getting old are simply cosmetic and could be regarded as vain. Surely gray hair and facial lines are indications of living a great existence and may you need to be okay to demonstrate, but you will find other results of aging that aren't purely cosmetic and could be a deterrent to actually living a proper existence.

genfx hgh releaser

As we grow older our physiques naturally decelerate manufacture of a couple of important elements. One of these simple the body's hormones is known as the hgh (Human growth hormone) and studies have linked the slowing down lower of the Human growth hormone with definite aging process. So moving past the apparent indications of growing older, you will find other less apparent effects that may really slow us lower. As we grow older, such things as bone strength and density becomes an problem. You frequently learn about seniors falling lower and breaking bones. For the reason that calcium production decreases, as well as their bones be brittle. This process of getting older might have dire effects which go beyond getting dark spots.

Anti Aging Pills

Other results of aging include the potency of your body's capability to process cholesterol. High cholesterol levels might have serious effects in your health which is vital to be checked regularly and it in check. Taking an anti-aging supplement for example GenFX can't only help support the body in apparent methods like reducing the look of facial lines, it supports the body in less apparent ways, for example growing your own body's capability to naturally reduce cholesterol levels. Additionally, it may aid in reducing high bloodstream pressure and enhance your overall defense mechanisms. This can consequently let your body to deflect potential bacteria and infections which are prevalent and harder to battle off as we grow older.

You need to take care of your wellbeing. But it's important too to aid the body as you become older and also to help supplement producing existence re-inifocing substances that your system needs to become healthy, especially while you age. There's really you don't need to suffer the effects as years accumulate. Natural elements within the GenFX anti-aging tonic aren't dangerous by any means and have been verified in clinical tests to possess an optimistic impact on combating a few of the adverse conditions of getting older. So whether you need to reduce facial lines or dark spots in your face, in order to improve your lean body mass, and have a sharper memory, in order to have the ability to hear the television without needing to blare the amount, GenFX might be exactly what you're searching for. So why wouldn't you consider using a sample today and feel more youthful and much more vibrant very quickly whatsoever.

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Wanted: My Libido Back!

Are you currently handling a waning libido that's departing you much less thinking about sex?

Or worse... is the libido gone altogether?

Should you seem like your libido is within serious necessity of resuscitation, don't despair.

You're not alone!

Nearly all women experience home loan business their sexual interest as time passes. And we are not speaking about aging as with climbing within the 50-year hill... Your libido typically starts to lower at 30!female libido enhancement ou will find a lot of factors that may lead for this reduction in your sexual appetite, including:

Hormone fluctuations of monthly the monthly period

Contact with synthetic the body's hormones - i.e., oral contraceptives

Hormone changes with pregnancy and publish-pregnancy

Hormone changes with menopause

Poor diet

Loss of focus


These 4 elements are inevitable to many women through the path of an eternity.

As we grow older, we naturally produce less vaginal lube. This may lead to uncomfortable - even painful - sexual intercourse, which obviously adds to deficiencies in sexual interest.

We start having much less effective orgasms as we grow older - again adding to some waning libido.

Female Libido Enhancement

Plus, stress continues to be proven to possess a direct correlation having a decreased libido in females. The greater consumed with stress we become, the less frequently we desire sexual contact.

As well as in this era of balancing busy careers, kids, husbands, house work, aging parents, and much more, our levels of stress are reaching new levels - and our sexual interest is striking brand new lows.

Our busy lives also lead to poor diet and workout regimens . Without any time to bother with proper meal planning, not to mention go to the gym, we frequently let ourselves slide into improper habits which are difficult to break. Heavy food and loss of focus adversely affects a ladies libido. Finish of story.

As well as for individuals ladies who have been in a blissful, loving, lengthy-term relationship... well, you are losing your sex drives even faster. Research has shown that couples inside a committed lengthy-term relationship naturally lose that raw animal desire with time. It is simply biology.

Claiming back your sex life

All individuals reasons we simply talked about could be pretty discouraging. How will you ever "rekindle the fireplaceInch because of so many biological and lifestyle-related factors working against you?

provestra pills

But every lady warrants with an active, fulfilling sex existence.

You shouldn't need to make excuses for your husband and have the silence of his disappointment while you try to visit sleep each evening.

You shouldn't need to deny yourself of the female desire and also the satisfaction of the healthy, active sex existence.

Doesn't it seem LUST after your guy, instead of viewing sex up to now another neglected chore?! Image just how much closer, more happy, and much more content you'd both feel if together you experienced sexual interest and explosive orgasms regularly.

It's every woman's right.

With all-supplements like Provestra Pills, you are able to. Provestra activly works to reinstate your hormonal and dietary balances to ensure that you can have an obvious rise in sexual appetite, faster arousal, and more powerful orgasms within 7 days.

Provestra has got the advantages of treating vaginal dryness and making orgasm a lot more easily achievable.

To learn more about how exactly Provestra will help you, visit provestradirect.com today.


Abstinence is the intentional choice not to engage in sexual activity. Many people consider someone who chooses to remain abstinent to be "anti-sex," which is rarely the case. People choose to not engage in sexual activity for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: Religious indoctrination, moral positions, family encouragement, fear or dislike of sex or intimacy with another person, the desire to give a partner the "gift" of your virginity, etc. There are no right or wrong reasons to remain abstinent – the decision is yours to make. You are only accountable to yourself for the decisions you make.

You may be chided for your choice to remain abstinent. Ignore this. As others make decisions for themselves, you make your own. Again, you are solely responsible for how you manage your sexuality, and it should be of no one else's concern. When it comes to sex, you must be strong and stand up for your beliefs in the face of peer pressure.

Definitions of "abstinence"

 sensual activity is limited to simple kissing

Like virginity, abstinence is individually-defined. For some, it may mean that sensual activity is limited to simple kissing. For others, abstinence means refraining from vaginal intercourse; therefore, oral sex, anal sex and other activities still allow you to claim that you are abstinent. For most people, however, the word means any sexual activity with another person that might result in an orgasm is out of bounds. If you have phone sex, or cybersex, are you still "abstinent?" That's for you to decide.

You might also wish to remain abstinent after a sexual relationship is over, or in the middle of one that remains intact. It is never too late to go back to being abstinent (though it may engender hard feelings if it is not a mutual decision in an existing relationship). You can't claim to be "abstinent" some of the time, however. You either are, or you aren't.

Masturbation is *not* an anti-abstinent activity. In fact, in the absence of sexual activity with another person, your only outlet will be masturbation. And, since masturbation is the single best way to explore your own sexuality before you begin with a partner, it is encouraged.

Abstinence as "safe sex."

Abstinence has the distinct advantage of being the only way that you are 100% sure that you won't get pregnant (or get someone pregnant), and drastically reduces the likelihood of acquiring an STI. No other form of birth control can make that claim. Of course, as with any other means of birth control or disease prevention, it has to be used correctly to work. If you're only abstinent "some of the time," you're not using it correctly and may face the same repercussions as if you've misused any other form of birth control. It is important to note that, despite the claims of many abstinence-only sex education programs, you can still acquire STIs without engaging in any overt sexual activity. Kissing someone infected with an STI can, in some instances, transmit infections.

Being abstinent does not mean that you can't kiss or make out with a partner. Though the specific definition of what constitutes "abstinent" behavior will vary from person to person (as outlined above), no one considers kissing, holding hands, and other light-hearted behaviors to be anti-abstinent. There are many other forms of light "sexual" activity that you can engage in, such as French kissing, dry sex, phone sex, etc. Participating in these does not cause you to stop being abstinent (though they may make the temptation to stronger!)

This means I don't need to know anything about sex, right?

No, it doesn't. At some point in your future, maybe tomorrow, maybe years from now when you get married, you will almost invariably have sex. Additionally, you may have friends who might like your input or help with an issue they're facing, and having some knowledge about sex may be beneficial in that way.

Just because you elect not to have sex does not make you any less of a sexual being. You will have sexual feelings and urges, and at some point in your life, you're going to need to know the basics about how contraception works, how STIs are transmitted, how to do things to please a partner, etc. Failure to learn about sexuality may harm you because at some point in the future you may decide to not remain abstinent any longer. Your lack of knowledge could be damaging to your health because you won't know what precautions to take. Additionally, it may harm your relationships, and perhaps even your children in the future because you do not have the requisite knowledge to help them deal with sexuality. Abstinence does not mean that you need to be sexually ignorant!

You have to keep in mind that you cannot just turn your sexual urges on and off. They will come and go, and you may be able to manage them or channel them into non-sexual activities for some time, perhaps even until you get married. Statistically, however, you are much more likely to give in at some point, when you're deep in a loving relationship with a partner, and may find yourself in a situation where you are willing to give up being abstinent. If that happens, you need to have the requisite knowledge of sexuality to ensure that you make sound, rational decisions.